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The Sithie Chicks
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Welcome to always_2there_r: Dual shameless self-promotion in one easy-to-use community!

The Goods. This is basically a nesting ground for collaborations between citizenjess and patientalien. Stories tend to be "Star Wars" slash-centric in nature, and anything from fluff to angst to dirty, dirty smut (cough studybuddies cough). Basically, we wanted a homebase for our combined projects.

The Bad Place. Or rather, obligatory disclaimers and the like. What you'll find here is almost always going to be fanfiction, which uh, means that it doesn't belong to us. We are not George Lucas, for instance (though you can imagine, if we had as much artistic reach as he did, "Revenge of the Sith" would have been drastically different!), and we are not making a profit off of any of this. It is purely for our fun, and hopefully, yours, too.

Similarly, feel free to put us on your watched journal list, but please be aware that we won't be opening the place to any other members besides the two of us, just because it would kind of defeat the purpose. Also, we adore feedback - ridiculously. Like, the way Anakin adores Obi-Wan's beard tickling his thighs flying. We're just saying.

angst, being semi-exclusive, being sistahs, collaborations, fanfiction, fluff, otp, porn, smut, star wars

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