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Summary: Darra has some womanly problems. Siri has the solution. Harrison has a sandwich. Hayden bought a tractor! Co-written by citizenjess and patientalien for niicoly's 20th birthday.

'Just Between Us Girls'; 4,892 words.Collapse )

We love you, Nic! ♥
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Summary: Anakin learns the importance of responsible pet ownership. This is based heavily on our winduwatchers roleplaying, as well as a terrible, terrible song by Bob Saget. We're sorry.

'Of Padawans & Proper Pet Care'; 5,034 words.Collapse )

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Summary: Anakin has never seen Obi-Wan truly relax.

'Uninhibited'; fluff/angst.Collapse )

* Posted belatedly.
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Summary: He discovers them together in Anakin's room. Written as a sort of segue from the studybuddies timeline. Anakin/Ferus/Tru; rating is very, very NC-17.

'Three's Company'; pornpornporn.Collapse )

* Posted belatedly just to get it up here. :D
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This was actually inspired from another piece that patientalien and I are co-writing, involving Anakin and food, because we are actually obsessed with Padawan eating habits. But this was rather tangential and wouldn't have made much sense in the other story, so it gets its own.

Summary: The Chosen One is a solitary figure - including, it seems, at mealtimes. Anakin's probably 11-12-ish in here, and so there are bits and pieces of the Jedi Quest universe integrated, though it's not really strictly adhering to book canon. Possible pairings include Obi-Wan/Anakin pre-pre-pre-slash; Anakin/Tru friendship; Tru/cake. Rated PG.

'Much Ado About Lunch'; fluff/angst.Collapse )

And only tangentially related to this, for all the Americans who happen by, Happy Thanksgiving!
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It was mutually decided by patientalien and citizenjess that "Star Wars" fandom could use some more gratuitous angst over Anakin's facial scar, and 'lo and behold, out popped another collaboration 'fic!

Summary: Obi-Wan deals with the fallout, both physical and emotional, of Anakin's final battle with Asajj Ventress. Based heavily on the Clone Wars comics. Rated PG-13.

'Eye of the Storm'.Collapse )

Potentially Interesting Sidenote: This was almost entirely constructed from Y!M chats consisting of almost nothing but "askldgha;hklas" and various smiley faces. We hope it translated well. :D
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This was a collaboration between citizenjess and patientalien, which came with the following disclaimer: This fic exceeds the recommended daily requirement of sweetness. Do not read if you are experiencing heart or stomach problems or are nursing, pregnant, and/or diabetic.

Summary: Obi-Wan is commissioned with the task of teaching his new Padawan how to swim. Takes place shortly after TPM. Could be construed as Obi-Wan/Anakin pre-slash if you wanted to conceptualize it that way. Rated G.

'Swimfan'.Collapse )

Ah, cavities.
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